The well-travelled children of today will be the global citizens of tomorrow, the future agents for change and ultimately the brokers of world peace.

Let us inspire you to educate your children to become part of a better future!


Here's Why You Should Follow in Our Footsteps!

The world is the best classroom

Learning in the real world prepares children better for the future than any classroom can. You need serious skills to travel the world. Learning another language in the country where it is spoken, experiencing other cultures and types of society first hand and learning how to act in them are invaluable lessons. Learning all of these things from a young age will give children a head start on the real world they can never get by merely going to school.

Children learn organically

Learning in the world affords the opportunity to follow the interests of the child instead of a set curriculum and take inspiration from your travel destinations. Learning about climate change on a shrinking glacier in Iceland or development politics in poverty stricken villages in Africa gets children motivated to learn more because they can see the relevance of what they learn.

Global citizenship

The greatest gift you can give your children is friends from all over the world. Engaging in dialogue and forming personal relationships everywhere is the key to realizing that we all belong to the same human family. Raising your child with this understanding of the world, as a global citizen, enables your child to contribute in the creation of a better and more peaceful world.

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